Espirituales Negros

Amen (Downs. Arrg. Luisa D. Camacho)
Balm in Gilead (Ames)
Bye an’ Bye (Arrg. Luisa D. Camacho)
Certainly, Lord (Anderson)
Chika-Hanka (Anónimo)
Come and Go (Anónimo)
Deep River Arrg. (E. Cifre)
Ev’ry Time I Feel The Spirit (Downs)
Get on Board (Williams)
Go Down Moses (Josly)
I Want to Be a Christian (Arrg. Luisa D. Camacho)
Jesus Walked (Ynera)
Joshua Fit the Battle ob Jerico (Pacet)
Let us Brake Bread Together (Anónimo)
Sit Down, Sister (Josly)
Soon a Will Be Don (Dawson)
Steal Away (Anónimo)
Swing Low (Josly – Arrg. Luisa Camacho)
The Gospell Train (Ynera)